Software Built For Life Sciences

StayinFront provides a complete, PDMA-compliant solution that automates the execution, management and monitoring of sales and marketing activities so companies do more, know more and sell more.

Sales and management teams are able to target, prepare and execute business plans, while actionable analytics guide and support data-driven decisions.

StayinFront makes it easier for all your teams, including Primary Care, Specialty Care, Managed Care, Institutional Sales and Medical Sciences Liaisons, to manage their territories, while enabling sales managers to coach, measure and respond to teams for better results.

Accelerate Field Productivity with our Mobile Pharma Sales Force Automation solutions

Increase Productivity of Sales Teams

Sales teams have easy-to-use mobile tools that allow them to target the right HCPs, execute effective calls and easily capture interactions on the spot.

Plan and Execute Sales Calls more effectively with our Mobile Pharma Sales Force Automation solutions

Plan and Execute Calls with Maximum Effectiveness

Sales reps have everything they need to effectively plan and execute calls with a single application. Advanced planning, filtering and scheduling tools enable sales reps to search, identify and segment high-priority accounts.

Access and Update Data in Real Time

StayinFront TouchRx empowers reps with field access to critical customer data, profile information, brand messaging, segment information and sample distribution. KPIs inform reps of their progress and align them with company goals.

Optimize field performance with centrally located customer data providing 360-degree accurate visibility about customer using our Life Sciences Mobile CRM solutions

360˚ View of Your Customers

Everything you need to know about a customer brought together in one location. Seamlessly integrate data from 3rd party systems and create an accurate view of all your customers, including personal prescribing characteristics and overall relationship strength.

Manage your field force with real time data using our Life Sciences Mobile Sales Force Automation solutions

Engage HCPs with More Targeted Content

Educate and engage HCPs with eye-catching, multimedia digital content on a tablet. Version control ensures all reps are using compliant, approved and current content.

Improve Sales Force Effectiveness by Tacking call information and content usage using our Pharma Mobile CRM Solutions

Sell more with proper analysis of the doctor’s interests and knowledge level using our Pharma Mobile CRM Solutions

Respond with More Relevant Messages with StayinFront Briefcase™

Continue to engage HCPs after the detail call is complete with StayinFront Briefcase, an easy-to-use and cost-efficient content management solution. StayinFront Briefcase is integrated with TouchRx and enables reps to send approved, follow-up content allowing marketing, managers and sales teams to track usage and report key metrics such as open rates and clicks.

Segmentation and Targeting
Focus activities on your most important customers
Sample Inventory Management
Monitor and reconcile sample distribution
Call Tracking
Track sales and marketing activities
Medical Information Requests
Seamlessly capture and route requests
Field Coaching & Activity Reports
Assess and assign action items and completion dates
Expense Management

Manage and track expenses
Analytics & Reporting
360° view of performance
Physician Profiling
Take information from profile and assign a priority or ranking to targets
Profile Ranking
Data-assisted prioritizing and ranking
Accurate at-a-glance reporting
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Relationship Tree
View relationships and connections
Closed Loop Marketing
More effective, engaged visits
Call Planning and Organization
Optimize time and effectiveness of rep calls
Doctors Near Me
GPS-Based Call Planning
Call Tracking
Automatically calculate follow-up call dates
Key Account Selling
Manage high-value relationships and prospects
Group Selling
Capture multi-attendee calls and events