With StayinFront’s leading CRM Product-solutions, Technology, Training and Support Services, you always get More functionality, experience and value

With StayinFront’s leading CRM Product-solutions, Technology, Training and Support Services, you always get More functionality, experience and value


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StayinFront EdgeCG is a Complete Consumer Goods CRM – Retail Execution, Analytics and In-Store Selling  Solution

Complete Retail Execution, Analytics and
Reporting Solution

EdgeCG is a powerful engine that enables managers to direct retail field efforts, drive productivity and track field activities. Integrated analytics and reporting tools enable managers to meet all their retail execution, direct store delivery and reporting needs with a single system.

  • Improve sales force effectiveness, efficiency and results
  • Direct, measure and drive activity at the store
  • Manage more effectively with built-in analytics, dashboards and KPIs

StayinFront TouchCG is a leading Mobile Sales Force Automation solution for Mobile Retail Execution and Direct Store Delivery

StayinFront Pitchbook is powerful sales tool that turns your Retail Execution into In-store selling

Improve Visibility and Performance with Analytics, Dashboards and KPIs

StayinFront Analytics lets companies analyze data from within the system and from external data sources such as sales, marketing and financial information. Dynamically explore previously inaccessible data and respond to inquiries with accurate, timely answers. Set new actions in motion and monitor results.

  • Keep everyone in the organization aligned with business goals with KPIs.
  • Evaluate performance and progress with configurable and user-friendly dashboards.
  • Exceptions identified in StayinFront Analytics can be used to start workflows.
  • Define your own KPIs, track them over time and action trends and results.

StayinFront CRM Analytics, Dashboards and KPIs help you improve visibility and performance

StayinFront Consumer Goods CRM is built with proven technology to meet the needs of all your Consumer Goods sales teams

Built for Consumer Goods

Designed for the unique business processes, retail activities and field environments of consumer goods companies.

  • Easily configurable so each user gets only the information needed to do their job – without coding
  • Hosted in the cloud for fast, secure deployment
  • Supports multiple languages, thousands of users and millions of transactions everyday
  • Works how your team works – online and offline
  • Choose your device – works on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices

StayinFront Consumer Goods CRM integrates seamlessly with your ERP application or any data source cost-effectively

StayinFront Consumer Goods CRM comes with Free continuous upgrades

Free Continuous Upgrades

You never have to worry about your software becoming obsolete. StayinFront delivers enhancements to the systems several times a year – at no additional cost.

StayinFront offers various training options for your whole team

Training Options for Your Whole Team

Choose the training method that works best for your end users and systems administrators.

  • Classroom training - on site or at your facility - provides access to instructors and subject matter experts for your entire team – from system admins to field users.
  • Web-based training for add-on or refresher training can take place through Instructor-Led WebEx® or Self-Paced Training.
  • Access a personalized web portal designed to suit specific team training needs.

StayinFront offers seamless product support from inception to delivery

StayinFront offers strong ongoing client support for your queries post-implementation

24/7/365 Global Support Services

Strong ongoing client support is essential to the success of your implementation.

You can expect a quick response from StayinFront’s project managers, management and home office staff for initial and ongoing project management.