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Bryan Andrews

Director – Sales Operations
MedPro Systems


As a Sales and Marketing executive with MedPro Systems for over 13 years, Bryan coordinates the go-to-market strategy and growth of the MedProID suite of products, maintains strategic partnerships and alliances with industry leading vendors, and identifies emerging markets for MedPro’s data and software offerings.


The Life Sciences industry continues to undergo consolidation. As manufacturers are asking their employees and vendor partners to do more with less, how are you seeing Life Sciences companies drive efficiencies in their sales operations and processes?

We see consolidation in both the manufacturer and vendor sides of life sciences. Our clients are looking to streamline any manual steps in the field or in the back office operations to increase productivity and reduce overhead. Manufacturers are seeing the value of working with vendor partners that are experts in this space, using a best-of-breed versus a one-size-fits-all approach to meet their compliance and budgetary requirements.


In terms of regulatory, there was a big push for the Sunshine Act. What are you seeing now?

Life Sciences companies have been reporting spend for a few years to CMS for Open Payments (Sunshine Act). There is increased activity and requirements at the state level (MA, VT, now CT) to cover practitioner types that are not reportable under Open Payments. We anticipate this trend of more states passing reporting legislation to continue. This adds to the complexity of Aggregate Spend reporting, which requires a persistent focus on the ever changing regulatory and healthcare practitioner landscape.


When evaluating CRM providers and PDMA compliance partners, what are you telling prospects and customers to look for in terms of delivering value?

It’s important that pharmaceutical manufacturers work with vendors that are experienced in the Life Sciences space. These vendors should provide guidance as to how their other customers are handling compliance challenges so you’re not an outlier as compared to your manufacturer peers, while delivering customized processes that meet your specific business goals and regulatory interpretation. If your vendors can’t tell you succinctly how their clients are handing an issue or are not willing to change based on your needs, then you may need to reconsider your relationship with them.


Are any new or evolving regulatory changes affecting sales representatives’ access to HCPs or preventing drug sampling?

Yes. In response to the opioid crisis, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy has passed updated TDDD (Ohio Terminal Distributors of Dangerous Drugs) licensing requirements, which has an impact on drug sampling activity in that state. MedPro Systems has been collecting TDDD licenses since 2005, but the updated requirements in July 2017 immediately changed the approach by many of our clients with sales activity in Ohio. We anticipate additional states to take similar actions.


Historically, New Jersey has been the center of the Life Sciences industry—geographically, where do you see the shift today?

While we are seeing more clients setting up operations in Massachusetts (Cambridge) and California (Bay Area) these days, we still support a large number of manufacturers based here in our home state of New Jersey. We support over 450 companies today with a customer in every state in the US, and we hope that the Garden State encourages companies to continue to invest here or consider a return if they left for a neighboring state.

Thank You

Thank you Bryan for taking the time to share your thoughts with us today.


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Thomas R. Buckley
Chief Executive Officer, StayinFront

As the CEO of StayinFront, Tom Buckley is the driving force behind the company's vision and growth and has built a team of top-flight managers and strategic alliances with key industry partners. With a vision of leveraging technology to solve business problems, Tom founded StayinFront in 2000. He has grown the company into a leading global provider of SaaS-based mobile field solutions in the life sciences and consumer goods industries with successful deployments in over 50 countries across six continents.