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StayinFront Announces Integration with MedPro Systems and the StayinFront TouchRX® Mobile CRM Platform

FAIRFIELD, NJ (September 11, 2014) – StayinFront, a leader in SaaS-based, pharmaceutical CRM systems, and MedPro Systems, a trusted provider of healthcare license and regulatory compliance solutions to the life sciences industry, have announced a new partnership and integration. The partnership will allow pharmaceutical field representatives, using the StayinFront TouchRx platform, to access MedPro’s market-leading data to update critical information such state license information.

MedPro Systems maintains one of the most comprehensive and current healthcare professional databases available. This integration provides StayinFront’s pharmaceutical customers with seamless, real-time mobile access to the MedPro Systems’ 14M record Healthcare Practitioner Licensing Validation Database.

StayinFront customers, with subscriptions to the MedProID suite of products, can link to MedPro’s database on their mobile device, to add, validate or revalidate healthcare professionals via the new MedPro DirectID-StayinFront solution. This streamlines the validation process and gives sales reps the necessary information, such as license, key identifiers and validation status, to sample immediately. Contact data is drawn directly from the MedPro database and matched up with the existing database, improving the accuracy of the data and reducing duplicate records.

“MedPro Systems is well-known in the life sciences industry for providing quality data.” said Sam Barclay, EVP/Managing Director, North America at StayinFront. “This integration will give sales reps a one-stop solution to easily search and feed validated license information directly into their TouchRx CRM system, improving efficiency, data accuracy and their ability to meet PDMA sampling compliance requirements.”

“We’re pleased to be working with StayinFront to deliver greater value to our joint customers,” said MedPro Systems Vice President, Ray Ungemach. “StayinFront’s powerful SaaS platform and focus on continued innovation, combined with MedPro’s industry-leading healthcare data, will provide companies with a seamless, streamlined data validation process and ensure they can efficiently meet compliance requirements.”

About MedPro Systems®

MedPro Systems® is the leading provider of healthcare license solutions to the Life Science industry. Since 2001, the MedProID® suite of products has assisted pharmaceutical & device manufacturers, distributors and other healthcare organizations with practitioner & organization state license validation solutions to meet Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA), Pedigree & Aggregate Spend compliance requirements. MedPro’s solutions are used by over 275 Life Science customers, including 21 of the Top 25 pharmaceutical manufacturers. For more information, visit: www.medprosystems.com

About StayinFront

StayinFront provides a full suite of mobile, cloud-based field force effectiveness and customer relationship management solutions for consumer goods and life sciences organizations. Companies of all sizes in over 50 countries use StayinFront software to streamline operations and reduce the complexity, time and expense associated with field efforts. Our products provide companies with timely, accurate field data and insight, enabling management to make immediate changes and take steps to improve business and sell more. Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, USA, StayinFront has offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. For more details visit http://stayinfront.com

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